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Free Hookups is a {website|hookup site|site} that is {totally|completely|entirely} {dedicated|comitted|devoted} to casual {hook-ups|sex|meetings|encounters}. The {owners|creators|administrators} of the {site|website} have made it {something of a mission statement|their mission|their purpose} to {make sure|ensure} that you, the user, {are able to|can|get to} find a casual hookup without having to pay to use the site. It's a really {good idea|simple concept|great set up}! Free Hookups isn't just pro-casual dating though. It seems {anti-relationships|against long term relationships} and {actively states|makes a point|makes clear} that the site is not a {long term| }relationship forming {website|site}, but a {way|place} to {contact|get in touch with|meet} {like minded|fellow} singles {looking for|seeking some} {no strings|casual} fun. The {website|site} is {live|available|used} in a {large|huge|great} number of countries so you'll have no problem finding someone wherever you go.

Best dating site freehookups

In addition to the usual features you can expect from any dating site (casual or otherwise) you're given an exciting layout of stats for your profile, showing the percentage of messages sent and replied to and a hookup success rate percentage.

The messages section of the site is laid out like a real email account and that makes it really user friendly. The chat rooms are more fun looking, and you can have control over who communicates with you by choosing to have your IM notifications on or off.

You can view naughty pictures, check out who is on the webcam at the moment and leave old school style personal ads on the message board section of the site. This throwback is fun and cheeky, and really gets users talking!

Chances of finding a discreet partner:
There are so many ways to search for someone on Free Hookups that you should have no trouble at all finding someone to share a casual sex dating experience with. Whether you want someone close by or a new user, or even if you just want to make a friend, there are specific sections of the site on which to do this. The general site stats boast a 92% conversion rate of initial contact to successful hookup. Those are some good odds!

Best dating site freehookups

The privacy policy is easily accessible both during and after sign up, along with the terms and conditions. You are automatically signed up to receive emails from a company called Send Box and you're automatically signed up for the Hookup Assistant, which allows fake profiles to appear real and suggest features of the site to you or discourage inappropriate site use. The site is clearly for over 18s and states this in multiple places. Be aware that there is an auto-signup box checked as well for extra third party features.

Value for money:
Free Hookups makes a big deal about your use of the site for free and it appears that you'll be able to use the entire site at no cost. But once you've confirmed your email address and membership, you're asked to provide credit card details even though it's supposedly free. You receive 1 day of free membership and then you'll be charged at $39.95 / month to use the site and be able to access all the features. The value for money is pretty average but the real problem is how much time is spent advertising the site is free to use when it isn't any freer than other dating websites.

Ease of use:
The sign up process is really simple and you're taken through a step-by-step guide of what information to provide. It's mostly yes or no or checking boxes to let them know what you're looking for from the site. Once you're all logged in the site layout is comprehensive with lots of matches immediately available. The two toolbars work together - one is the main navigation bar and the other is dedicated entirely to searching to find your perfect hookup partner.