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Match Affinity is a new site from that throws away the traditional {internet|online} {dating|singles site} approach by becoming your own personal matchmaker.

The {set up|procedure} is simple, spend a few minutes {filling out|completeing} a personality profile when you {sign up|register} and Match will do the hard work and find {suitable|compatable} {matches|singles|dates} for you. This avoids you having to spend hours trawling through profiles looking for those you have something in common with.

The Match Affinity test itself seems to pretty accurate and tends to come up with some pretty good matches. Furthermore you get the option of only sharing your photo with someone if you first agree.

This is great if you are a bit shy or are embarrassed about doing online dating (not that you should be!) and dread someone you know seeing your profile.

Best dating site Match Affinity

The key thing to remember with Match Affinity is that the dating is generally based on personality rather than looks. Therefore if you think there is more to love than just appearance it is a perfect match for you.

Key Benefits of Match Affinity:
Over 5 million members (mostly UK based)
Fast and easy - the system does the hard work for you
Comprehensive affinity survey to construct your personality profile
Protect your identity - only reveal your photo when YOU want to
Access to relationship experts via telephone
Just to re-inforce the message that this is based on personality rather than looks, you only share your photo with someone if they request it, and even then it's up to you. This means if personality is by far the most important thing to you, you can ensure that this remains the case.

As well as all of this there is also a dedicated team of relationship experts on hand to answer any questions you have. Whether you need to know what you should and shouldn't do on a first date or just want some general tips for making a good impression you can get the opinions of the experts.

Match Affinity is geared towards doing the hard work for you so you can spend more time enjoying life whilst also giving you the privacy and control over who you interact with and what information you give them about yourself.

Match Affinity Review - Summary:
Overall Match Affinity is a fun and unique way to find your true love without it taking up too much of your time.

This makes it well suited to you if you are career driven and do not get to spend much leisure time online. It also makes it perfect for you if you have tried the more traditional forms of online dating without much luck.

Because your matches are driven by personality suitability, there is much more chance of your finding your dream partner. Match Affinity takes appearance almost out of the equation and let's your true colours shine through.