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Horny Matches dating site

Best dating site

HornyMatches appears to be a very popular dating website. It definitely gets a large amount of visitors, so I suppose I can't try to debate the accuracy of those stats. However, when I signed up, I was still surprised to see that there were at well over 100,000 members online at that exact time. I did have some success with Horny Matches and met up with a (very horny) match less than 30 miles away within a few days of joining.
Before, you begin posting your profile it tells you two things straightaway. Firstly, which definitely counts in its favor, all member descriptions are manually verified by human hand somewhere. Secondly, it makes neither any guarantee regarding your dating success, nor even the authenticity of its member profiles. The second part sounds a lot as if they're covering their asses even if they're honest and direct about it.

If I sound paranoid, it's just that despite its apparent popularity, HornyMatches is an extremely simple site. The only method of contact, which is limited to paying members, is email. Free members can send a wink to a gold or silver subscriber and hope that he or she will reply with direct, offsite contact info but there are no chat rooms or instant messaging for anyone, regardless of membership status.

You also need to pay to display your hot list. Nevertheless, what does come freely, at least in the beginning, are extensive search and browsing options. These are supposedly restricted at some point but I did several so I'm not sure what the limit is. There is no separate page for a basic search and no grayed out premium search sections so as I explain later on in my conclusion, it is unclear of what happens if you don't upgrade.

A local search can only be narrowed down to 30 miles. However, last login details and complete profile information are searchable by both a series of checkboxes and a keyword feature. You also have an online matchmaking option called cupid that has similarly detailed options to make your results more accurate. There is an email version as well that returns varying numbers of matches depending on whether you're a basic, silver or gold-level member.

One thing that I found unclear is what benefits there are to signing up to the highest level of membership, other than appearing first in returned search results. When I read the access grid for the various features of the site, many of the premium options, such as detailed searches, work for me for free. Maybe, as is marked beside viewing profiles, the feature comes with restrictions. No maximum limits are listed, though, so when the premium services will stop working without paying is unclear.

Horny Matches seems expensive with its limited contact options but it does seem to have an unbelievably active membership base.

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